MUSEUM FEATURE: Lisbon, Portugal’s Best Works at the Museum of Antique Arts

Housed in a sunny, yellow 17th century palace, Lisbon’s Museu de Arte Antiga is home to Portugal’s brightest collection of European paintings, many created by Portuguese painters. You will also find glorious gilded items from the Palácio Alvor, ecclesiastical treasures, and fine tapestries. Highlights include the St. Vincent panels from the monastery of St. Vincente de Fora, and Hieronymus Bosch’s Temptation of St. Anthony triptych, with its psychedelic scenes of bizarre critters and fanciful debauchery.  Keep scrolling to see thirteen of the best pieces from the collection!

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MUSEUM: best of Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum

The jewel of Austrian aesthetics, Wien’s opulent Kunsthistorisches Museum is home to the formidable and awe-inspiring collection of the Habsburg dynasty

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