INTERVIEW with Odin Borgen: the light of Midsummer Fires

“…this gives me a reminder of being close to nature. This is a time where I can be completely alone and realize how insignificant I am. This is a good way to chase the fear of failing out of my mind.”


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INTERVIEW: Adrienne Stein’s Feast of Fantasy

With trepidation, Winter is slowly beginning to thaw. At least here in the frozen North of the U.S. where I am situated. And right now, I would like nothing more than to be seated at Adrienne Stein’s table. Her paintings are lush and verdant – like a blast of fresh Spring air.

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INTERVIEW with Charlie Goering: carving out a personal history

“To transcend and imbue the figure with those illusive qualities of what it means to be human, is what every great painter has done.”

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INTERVIEW with Painter Michael DeVore: finding Balance & Harmony


“I learned a terrible lie somewhere along the way that hindered my learning for a very long time: the old masters were only able to create the work they did because they were blessed with god-like talent and no one has that kind of talent anymore.”


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INTERVIEW: Hélène Delmaire of Lille, France

“I’m always looking for the best way to visually establish the many-faced human relationship to nature; its beauty as well as its violence”

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INTERVIEW: Shaun Berke

Picture 12.png


“Without chaos there could not be a murmuration of starlings.”

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