MUSEUM FEATURE: visions of Copenhagen’s Glyptoteket

Copenhagen has become a sort of Mecca for the tasteful: everything sparkling new and fashionable meets the patina of age and elegance on its streets.

February 6th, 2018  M. Elise Hillestad

Copenhagen’s Fashion Week, which just wrapped up, jetted in the hippest of culture’s influencers and spotlighted some of Scandinavia’s freshest tastemakers. And while they were there to interpret the Zeitgeist’s next trends, many flocked to Ny Carlsberg’s Glyptoteket to take in the timeless.

Copenhagen’s Glyptoteket museum is first and foremost a treasure-trove of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Etruscan sculpture and other ancient artifacts, though it also houses a considerable collection of French and Danish paintings, Rodin and Degas sculpture. Being someone who gobbles up the aesthetically classical, geeks out over museum pilgrimages, and is enamored of all that is Greco-Roman, Copenhagen’s Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket has long topped my wanderlust list. I picked out some of the internet’s most striking captures of the museum to tide me over until I can get there in person and drink in its perfect-hued walls of dusky rose and Tuareg indigo, its statuaries, and an exotic palm court in the heart of its Venetian-Renaissance architecture!

image by Sisse J. Andersen

L’Espérence (Hope), 1868, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, image by xshayarsha

image from

image from 101 Copenhagen on Instagram

image from

Detail of busts by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, image by xshayarsha 

image from

Amenemhat 3 (“Black royal head”) image by Sisse J. Andersen

Degas’ Method – image by Anders Sune Berg

image by Betsey Crosby Thompson

image from houseofbliss.blogspot

image from

image by Sisse J. Andersen

image from

image from hadrian6.tumblr

image from


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