15 Jaw-dropping Home Interiors & the Paintings they House

Every  jewel needs a splendid setting. These great halls and fine dining rooms in country manor houses, provide brilliantly curated backdrops for the family portraits, landscape paintings, and tapestry collections.

“A quiet secluded life in the country…then work, then rest, nature, books, music, love for one’s neighbor – such is my idea of happiness.”

– LeoTolstoy, Family Happiness

1.   This calming green corner in 17th century Ham House in London with it’s adorable collection of very tiny paintings

Ham House

2.  A chill bedroom in Bedfordshire, England’s Avenue House with a perfect, quiet writing corner. Is that a Turner painting I see?

Avenue House, Bedfordshire, England

3.   Could one ever be bored in this vibrant red room with its salon of paintings to look at? That looks like Pieter Brueghel’s “Tower of Babel” in the upper right corner!


4.   Sitting down to a meal at the monumental Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxfordshire feels like teleporting to a Romanesque colonnade, with its impressive frescoes.

Blenheim Palace

5.  The Elizabethan Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire, England feels like the epitome of luxurious country comfort, with its paintings upon tapestries. Pictures upon pictures upon pictures!

Hardwick Hall

6.  This regal room feels Austrian to me, though I don’t know its location. I would for sure be down to hear an afternoon harp concert while working on needlepoint in its elegant confines.

Fragen war die Hauptsache

7.   Mells Manor in Somerset is simple, refined, and tasteful. This room looks perfect for sipping warm brandy after the fox hunt, with some fastidious forebears looking down from the wall.

Mells Manor, Somerset

8.  This Victorian villa in South London. Look at that beauty over the fireplace!

Victorian Villa South London

9.   Imagine the dinner parties you’d have in the company of these fine folks! Massive portrait paintings and a marble fireplace complete with caryatids give this dining room a palatial grandeur.


10.  What lovely light the portrait gallery of this Scottish country house has.

a Scottish country house

11.   I would definitely eat my eggs and bacon every morning in this English country dining room if  a pair of gigantic wolf hounds would join me for company.

an English country manor

12.   Another brilliant corner of Hardwick Hall, built by Elizabeth, Countess of Shrewsbury,  with its paintings on lush tapestry.

Hardwick Hall, built by Elizabeth, Countess of Shrewsbury, 1588

13.   A very Tudor hall, with its warm wood panels, cheery colors, and royal portraits!


14.   This shabby country wall with its emerald hue and tasteful collection of prints is absolute perfection. It feels like you could even leave your wellies on in the house!


15.   I would never leave this room if the hearth was blazing, and surrounded by all those books. The Library at The Vyne, a 16th-century country house outside Sherborne St John, Hampshire, England is what countryside heaven looks like!

The Library at The Vyne, a 16th-century country house outside Sherborne St John, Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. The Vyne was built for Lord Sandys, King Henry VIII's Lord Chamberlain.


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