POETRY & PAINTING: Glanmore Sonnets VII & Turner


 “Midnight and closedown. Sirens of the tundra, of eel-road, seal-road, keel-road, whale-road, raise”



August 24th, 2016

Glanmore Sonnets,  by Seamus Heaney



Dogger, Rockall, Malin, Irish Sea:

Green, swift upsurges, North Atlantic flux   

Conjured by that strong gale-warning voice,   

Collapse into a sibilant penumbra.

Midnight and closedown. Sirens of the tundra,

Of eel-road, seal-road, keel-road, whale-road, raise   

Their wind-compounded keen behind the baize   

And drive the trawlers to the lee of Wicklow.   

L’Etoile, Le Guillemot, La Belle Hélène   

Nursed their bright names this morning in the bay   

That toiled like mortar. It was marvellous   

And actual, I said out loud, ‘A haven,’   

The word deepening, clearing, like the sky   

Elsewhere on Minches, Cromarty, The Faroes.


03TURNER2-master675-v7J.M.W. Turner, “Hurrah! for the Whaler Erebus! Another Fish!”, 1846


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